Other Solutions

PVC Hygienic Cladding

Our PVC hygienic cladding system is the ideal choice for kitchens, breweries, changing rooms, wash rooms and all other clean environments. We use 2.5mm, 6mm and 10mm thick sheets in a range of colour finishes which offer an easy clean and robust surface. Sheets are adhesive bonded directly onto new surfaces such as blockwork, plasterboard and can be used to over clad tiled walls and damaged white wall panels.

Doors for the Food Industry

Our doors are UK manufactured and designed specifically for food and drink production environments. We can supply doors for Food Production areas, Clean Rooms, Data Storage Rooms, Coldstores and Chill Rooms.

Maintenance & Repairs

Accidental damage to your food production or storage facilities can cause major problems to your business. We are able react quickly to assess and repair the damage with minimal disruption to your business.

Data Storage Rooms

We have used our knowledge and experience gained from cold store and firewall construction to design and build Data Storage Centres. Our firewall systems are hygienic, dust free and fire rated making them the perfect choice for data stores and server rooms.

Other Environments

There are many other applications in which our panel systems can be utilised such as Provers, Stoves, Clean Room, Spray Booths, Acoustic Walls & Hygienic Temporary Screens.

Other Solutions
Other Solutions